🔬 Deep Zoom with ipyleaflet#

In order to perform deep zooming of tile sources with ipyleaflet, you must specify a few keyword arguments:

  • max_zoom and max_native_zoom set appropriately in the TileLayer

  • max_zoom set in the Map which matches max_zoom in the TileLayer

For more information, please see jupyter-widgets/ipyleaflet#925

from localtileserver import get_leaflet_tile_layer, examples
from ipyleaflet import Map, TileLayer

# Load high res raster
client = examples.get_oam2()

max_zoom = 30

# Create zoomable tile layer from high res raster
layer = get_leaflet_tile_layer(client,
    # extra kwargs to pass to the TileLayer

# Make the ipyleaflet map with deeper zoom
m = Map(center=client.center(),
        zoom=22, max_zoom=max_zoom